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2021-05-17: Integration of third party plugins: GitHub, Todo, Remind, RSSfeed


Check out the new integrations extending Minerva Messenger functionality.

GitHub v2.0.1 (optional, activation required)
GitHub plugin for Mattermost. Read more here.

RemindMe v0.4.4
A bot that schedules reminders for Mattermost. Read more here

RSSfeed v0.2.5
The RSSFeed plugin allows users to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed; updates to the feed are posted in a channel. Read more here.

ToDo v0.4.0
A plugin to track Todo issues in a list and send you daily reminders about your Todos. Read more here.


Please note: The Max Planck Digital Library and the Minerva Messenger Service only provide an interface for the use of the Third-Party Plugins. Legal provisions of third parties may apply in the context of the use of the Third Party-Plugins. A summary of all currently integrated third-party plugins including documentation and licenses can be found here.