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2022-07-28: New features released with the server upgrade to v7.1.2: Voice Calling and Screen Sharing

Check out some selected new features released with the recent upgrade to Mattermost v7.1.2:

Voice Calling and Screen Sharing

Voice calling and screen sharing in channels aim to keep communication easily and efficiently. Now, you can start or join a voice call with a click and keep teamwork moving forward quickly. Please notice that this brand-new feature is still in the experimental phase. Read more.


Insights are available for all Members via browsers and desktop clients, offering you an overview of the most important activities happening within your Minerva Messenger workspace. 

Apps Bar

The access to your enabled integrations, Boards, and Playbooks has been moved from the channel header to the right pane. 

Message Formatting Toolbar

Formatting your messages becomes easier. The new message formatting tool provides shortcuts to bold or italicize text, react with emojis, add hyperlinks, etc. You can click the eye icon to show and hide the preview. Formatting your message by using Markdown is also possible. For a guide to specifying Markdown syntax, please take a look here.

Collapsed Reply Threads (General Availability)

After a successful beta, Collapsed Reply Threads is generally available now, offering an enhanced experience for communicating in threads that keeps your channels and conversations organized.

Security Level and Bug Fixes

Mattermost v7.1.0 contains low severity level security fixes.
Fixed an issue where links to internal help pages did not always open in a new browser tab.
Fixed an issue that caused the Channel Members’ right-hand side search input not to search all the members of a channel.
Fixed an issue with uploading SVG files.
Fixed an issue where thread posts were not left-aligned in compact message display mode.
Fixed an issue where channels with more than 100 members only showed 100 channel members on the right-hand side.

Read more.




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