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2022-11-17: New features released with the server upgrade to v7.1.4: Voice Messaging Plugin

Check out the new integration extending Minerva Messenger functionality:

New Plugin: Mattermost Voice Plugin

You can record and send voice messages via Minerva Messenger now! To start sending a voice message, you can either use the /voice slash command or click the existing attach button (a paperclip). The duration limit currently is 1 minute.

This plugin only works on the web client and desktop app.


Check out the selected new feature released with the recent upgrade to Mattermost v7.1.4:

Mattermost v7.1.4 contains medium severity level security fixes.


We notice that some users get the error “limit exceeded” after the server is upgraded to v.7.1.4. If you are using the desktop app, please close the tabs of Boards and Playbooks and then click the Menu button on the left-top corner. Navigate to “View” and select “Clear Cache and Reload.” If you are using a browser, please clear your browser cache.



Mattermost Voice Plugin

Mattermost Documentation