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2022-10-18: Server upgrade to Mattermost v.7.1.3; Various plusins updated

Check out some selected new features released with the recent upgrade to Mattermost v7.1.3:

Mattermost v7.1.3 contains a medium severity level security fix.

Fixed an issue where Admins were unable to save configuration changes in the System Console in some cases.

Check out the upgraded integrations:

Autolink Plugin v1.3.0

Add setting per-autolink for allowing bot posts.

Fixed Autolink admin config parsing.

Fixed flaky test TestWildcard.

Fixed setting Mattermost-Plugin-ID header.

Formatting fix for command.

Fixed bullet formatting.

Enable the slash command by default.

BigBlueButton Plugin v4.4.0

Simplify the meeting creation process.

Allowed automatic opening of meeting instead of requiring clicking the link.

Fixed a bug where the incoming call popup didn’t show up when running Mattermost in a subpath.

E2EE Plugin v0.9.1

Fixed an issue where the message is modified on update if not encrypted.

GitHub Plugin v2.1.2

Increase request timeout for context used for plugin HTTP endpoints.

Flow updates.

Add –verbose flag to npm install.

Matterpoll Plugin v1.5.0

Optimize the French and Chinese translations.

Fix a problem in which the goi18n extract the command did not extract messages.

Drop MustLocalize and use mattermost-plugin-api/i18n instead of nicksnyder/go-i18n directly.

Add a reset-vote button when a poll doesn’t have multi votes setting;

Add offline install/upgrade instructions;

Set button color.

Todo Plugin v0.6.0

Implement the App Bar icon.

Zoom Plugin v1.6.1

Cross-plugin task: Enable the CircleCI “test” job.

Fixing Post Permissions Access.

For non-cloud plugin settings, set the hosting property to on-prem.

Fix OAuth token refresh.





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