2022-05-17: New features released with the server upgrade to v6.3.8: End-to-End Encryption plugin, Zoom & BBB plugins updated

Check out the new and upgraded integrations extending Minerva Messenger functionality:

New Plugin: End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption aims to authenticate, encrypt, and decrypt messages on the users’ devices, which guarantees the identity of the sender of the messages so that the server cannot impersonate them. Read more.

Zoom Plugin v1.5.1

Remove scopes from OAuth calls.

Fixed the issue that an unauthorized error message occasionally displays while starting a zoom meeting.

Add a friendly message on disconnect if the user is not currently authenticated.

BigBlueButton Plugin v4.3.1 (GWDG Meet integration)

Fixed a bug where meeting end callback won’t work on some networks.


Check out some selected new features released with the recent upgrade to Mattermost v6.3.8:

Mattermost v6.3.8 contains a medium severity level security fix.

Fixed an issue where users were able to attempt to create private playbooks with the Professional license.

Fixed an issue with a slow delete of posts and context deadline exceeded errors.

Fixed an issue where the announcement banner caused the top team to be partially obstructed MM-40887.

Improved the performance of code for storing users in the web app.

Fixed a memory leak caused by the post textbox.

Removed the collapsed sidebar menu from the DOM on sidebar collapse and expand.

Fixed a major web and desktop app performance issue for users with a large, accumulated number of Direct Messages and Group Messages.

The re-rendering of the CustomStatusEmoji component is now avoided on post hover.

The re-rendering of the TextBox links component below the post box is now avoided while typing.

Reduced the number of post components listening for keyboard and mouse events.

Read more.



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