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Mattermost Plugin Remind v0.4.4

A bot that schedules reminders for users and channels in Mattermost.

Interact with the Remind plugin using the /remind slash commands.

  • to display help examples, type/remind help
  • displays a list of reminders, type/remind list


  • /remind [who] [what] [when]
    • /remind [who] [what] in [# (seconds|minutes|hours|days|weeks|months|years)]
    • /remind [who] [what] at [(noon|midnight|one..twelve|00:00am/pm|0000)] (every) [day|date]
    • /remind [who] [what] (on) [(monday-sunday|month&day|m/d/y|d.m.y)] (at) [time]
    • /remind [who] [what] every (other) [monday,…,sunday|weekdays|month&day|m/d|d.m] (at) [time]
  • /remind [who] [when] [what]

Here is the full list of Examples.


  • You can’t set recurring reminders for other members.
  • Channel reminders can’t be snoozed.
  • Use quotes around long messages, especially when using words like ‘on’, ‘at, ‘in’, and ‘every’.
    • /remind me “Use quotes on and at in and around everything” at noon




Documentation – Plugin Remind

License – Plugin Remind

Mattermost Documentation


Please note: The Max Planck Digital Library and the Minerva Messenger Service only provide an interface for the use of the Third Party-Plugins. Legal provisions of third parties may apply in the context of the use of the Third Party-Plugins.