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Export and Delete Plugin (v1.4.1)

The Export and Delete plugin allows exporting and deleting all chats and conversations from a channel or a direct message that a user is a member of, including chats that were not created by the user. This is a plugin specially developed for Minerva Messenger users.


To export chats, first select a specific channel or a direct message thread. Click the green Export and Delete plugin located on the right column. Click “Add Posts”, and select posts using the in-built search functionality or posts that are manually pinned. The search functionality allows selecting posts within a given time window, for example, the beginning and end of all posting done in one channel. Once all posts are selected, click “Add to export set”, and then click “Export”. This will generate a request to download a zip file, which once extracted will contain a folder with all selected chats and also attached files.


Deletion of posts in a channel or direct message can be done only after following the steps for exporting as described above. Furthermore, deletion is subject to favorable agreement of all members in the affected channel, which is conducted by an online poll. At the bottom of the message requesting to download a zip file, the button “Request Deletion” will appear. This will trigger a new window asking for the reason for deletion (e.g. end of a project, relocation of the project group, etc) and a date and time for the poll to end. All members of the channel participate in voting via a bot. The bot sends each user a message with the link to the exported chat history, asking if the user agrees to delete it. Once the voting is over, a report is sent to both the initiator of the deletion request and the voters with the result of the poll. Only when all members agree to the deletion will the request be accepted. In that case, the selected posts in the chat history will be automatically marked as deleted in the interface and the database.