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2022-03-07: New features released with the server upgrade to v6.3.3: Boards & Playbooks; GitLab & Todo plugins updated

Check out the extended functionalities and selected new features due to the server upgrade to v6.3.3:


The Boards dashboard is a project management tool helping define, organize, track and manage work across teams. You can quickly assign other users tasks and follow cards, getting a message notification with details of all the changes made on the card. The newest comments are now sorted at the top to find the most recent comment easily. Boards are a fresh new feature and are still in the experimental phase. Read more.


Playbooks are pre-built, configurable checklists that orchestrate workflows for teams to achieve specific and predictable outcomes. With Playbooks, you can stay in command with integrated communication, collaboration, and status dashboards to manage the entire workflow lifecycle. Now, Playbooks are translatable with various languages in-progress. All in-channel notifications are removed, with high-value notifications delivered via direct message from the Playbooks Bot to reduce channel noise. Playbooks are a fresh new feature and are still in the experimental phase. Read more.

The New and Improved User Interface 

  • The new global navigation header is designed to simplify workflows and boost efficiency. Many cosmetic changes are available now, including updated theme colors, setting a custom timeframe for Do Not Disturb, etc.
  • There is a quick reaction to access your most recently used emoji from the post menu of the channel.

  • Type the ~ character in the input field, and you can find and link to public channels as well as private channels in your messages.

Security Level 

Mattermost v6.3.3 contains medium-level security fixes.


Check out the upgraded integrations:

  • Update GitLab plugin to v1.4.0: Check out the enhancements here.
  • Update Todo plugin to v0.5.0: Read more.




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