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2021-10-05: Server upgrade to Mattermost v5.37; BBB plugin upgrade to v4.1.0


Check out some selected new and extended features released with the recent software upgrade to Mattermost v5.37:

Collapsible channel categories and sidebar customization
Check out extended options for organizing and customizing your sidebar. 

Custom User Status
Users now gain the flexibility to express their current status in any way they prefer. Set a custom status to add a descriptive status message and emoji that’s visible to everyone throughout the app. 

Organizing Conversations using Collapsed Reply Threads (Beta)
Threads organize conversations within channels, and threads enable users to discuss topics without adding noise to channels or Direct Messages. 

Search for files and document contents

File content search is now available. Use the Search field to find messages, replies, and the contents of files shared across all channels you’re a member of in your team’s conversation history. 

User interface updates

  • Changes to Channel Header (layout, new ‘channel files’ icon)
  • Added support to collapse in-line images over 100px in height
  • Removed the 5-page limit on previewing PDFs
  • The Channel Switcher now displays recently viewed channels when launched
  • If message autoresponder is set, only one message is now sent to a given user irrespective of how many Direct Message messages the user receives
  • and more…

Check out the new functions of the GWDG Meet integration (BigBlueButton plugin):

  • GWDG Meet – upgrade to BBB v2.3: check out what’s new in the FAQs provided by GWDG
  • Minerva Messenger –  BBB plugin upgrade to v4.1.0: hosts can now allow or disable recordings for their meeting; meeting participants can invite external users to join via a sharable meeting link 

Read more about the BBB plugin here.




Minerva Messenger homepage

Mattermost Documentation

GWDG Documentation

BigBlueButton plugin for Mattermost

Please note: The Max Planck Digital Library and the Minerva Messenger Service only provide an interface for the use of the Third-Party Plugins. Legal provisions of third parties may apply in the context of the use of the Third Party-Plugins. A summary of all currently integrated third-party plugins including documentation and licenses can be found here.