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2021-08-03: Integration of third party plugins: Big Blue Button (GWDG Meet), Zoom upgrade, AutoLink


Check out the new or upgraded integrations extending Minerva Messenger functionality:

BigBlueButton v4.0.1 (GWDG Meet integration)
Teams can now create, join and manage ad hoc GWDG Meet video conferences from inside Minerva Messenger. The Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen (GWDG) offers GWDG Meet (BigBlueButton, BBB) as an open source video conferencing tool as part of the MPG IT infrastructure. 

Zoom v1.5.0 (user-level app; optional; activation required)
Start instant video calls with your groups and contacts: with the Zoom functionality, integrated into the Minerva Messenger, you can directly video-call colleagues or channel members. 

New features with the upgrade to v1.5 (user-level app): 

  • Version 1.5 supports the OAuth authentication method for connecting Minerva Messenger and Zoom.
  • users can now connect their Minerva Messenger/Zoom accounts even if their emails do not match.
  • it is still required that the user’s individual Zoom account is associated with the Minerva Messenger Admin Zoom account prior to connecting
  • users will need to connect their Zoom account with their Minerva Messenger account before they can use the integration v1.5. When users try to create a meeting for the first time, they will receive a message to connect their account

Autolink v1.2.2 (exploratory)
Automatically rewrite text matching a regular expression into a markdown link. 




Minerva Messenger homepage

Mattermost Documentation


Please note: The Max Planck Digital Library and the Minerva Messenger Service only provide an interface for the use of the Third-Party Plugins. Legal provisions of third parties may apply in the context of the use of the Third Party-Plugins. A summary of all currently integrated third-party plugins including documentation and licenses can be found here.