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2021-02-23: Upgrade to Mattermost v5.31.1


Check out some selected new features released with the recent upgrade from Mattermost v5.25 to v5.31.1:

New Sidebar Features (experimental)

1. Categorize and reorder channels with channel sidebar enhancements

Users now have the ability to create custom categories in the sidebar to group channels together for easier navigation, drag channels between or within categories to prioritize conversations most important to you, and much more.

This Mattermost blog post provides a good overview of the functionalities.

Read the details for organizing your sidebar in the Mattermost documentation.

2. Channel Sidebar Organization (upper right corner of the user interface)

Prior upgrade:


Icons (from left to right):

  • Zoom Plugin
  • Pinned Posts
  • Search
  • Recent Mentions
  • Saved Posts
    Posts can be saved via the post’s menu.
  • Help
    Get help from the Mattermost community via ‘Ask the community’ link:
    You can access the community from a new “Help” menu in the channel header, after which you will create an account on our public Mattermost Community server to join a vibrant user community to ask questions and help your peers to troubleshoot issues.


User Interface

  • PDF preview: the ability to zoom in and out of PDF files has been added
  • the ability to use CTRL+B and CTRL+I to add bold and italics markdown formatting to selected text has been added
  • support for PSD file preview has been added
  • Online, Away, Do Not Disturb, and Offline icons were added to the status menu for quicker recognition
  • animation for emoji reactions on web apps has been added
  • @-autocomplete results are now prioritized based on recency and thread activity
  • Experimental sidebar feature
    • support for multi-selection of channels when dragging and dropping between channels has been added
    • the ability to mute categories has been added
  • Channel switcher
    • Group messages are now returned in the channel switcher when only first names are typed.
    • Improved sort order of the channel switcher to prioritize recently viewed channels.



  • an option in the Account Settings to select different desktop notification sounds has been added. This setting is available in supported browsers and in the Desktop app v4.6 and later.
  • Channel-wide mentions are now automatically disabled when a user mutes a channel.




Mattermost documentation

Mattermost Changelog

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