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Zoom Plugin – How can I resolve the error message: Invalid meeting ID. (-1)?

You will receive the following error message: ‘Invalid meeting ID. (-1)’, if the Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) is disabled in your Zoom account settings. In order to use the optional Zoom Plugin, the Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) must be enabled in your Zoom account settings (technical requirement of the Zoom Plugin).


Good to know

  • the user can choose to set a Zoom PMI passcode in the personal Zoom account settings
  • Note: when initiating a Zoom call via the Minerva Messenger Plugin your Zoom Personal Meeting ID will be visible to all recipients of your video call invitation
  • Privacy Settings: the user is responsible for the personal privacy settings, e.g. Passcode, etc; please note that the ‘Waiting Room’ feature has been enforced for the Minerva Messenger Zoom account and all linked accounts



Find more information about the plugin and the Zoom Terms of Service/Privacy Policy:

Documentation Mattermost Plugin Zoom (Github)

Documentation Mattermost Plugin Zoom (Gitbook)

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