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Team & Channel

Managing Teams

Join Teams available to you

After registration, you can view a list with all Teams that are available for you to join, either on the screen directly after registration, by clicking the plus icon below your Teams on the sidebar, or via the Main Menu.

All MPG employees will be able to join the MPG Team, which features MPG-wide channels. Check out featured MPG Research Services with the latest service information from the Max Planck Digital Library. You can also create private channels and invite members from the whole MPG community.

Create your own Team (MPG employees only)

Already charted your Team structure?
No? Read more about Organizing Minerva Messenger here.
Ready? Then go ahead, and create the initial relevant group and direct channels, invite members – and start collaborating.

Creating Teams
Managing Members
Inviting Members to your Team: Invite people to your team via a direct invite, a public team invite link, or if they already have an account on the server you can add them to the team yourself.

Managing Channels

Find general information about

  • Creating a Channel/Direct or Group Message
  • Joining a Channel
  • Managing Members of a Channel
  • Leaving/Mutin/Favoriting a channel
  • (Un-)archiving a Channel
  • and more here.



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