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Optional Zoom Plugin v1.6.1 (user-level app)


Start instant video calls with your groups and contacts! With the Zoom functionality integrated into the Minerva Messenger, you can directly video-call colleagues or channel members.

The use of the external Service Zoom via the Minerva Messenger Plugin is optional and has to be activated. Please contact the Minerva Messenger Support Team for setting it up. 


Activation of Zoom Plugin – Step by Step

  • send a request for activation of your Zoom Plugin to the Minerva Messenger Support Team. It may take up to 48 hours to activate the Plugin.
  • NEW: With the latest upgrade to plugin version v1.5.0 (User Level App) it is no longer necessary that Zoom and Minerva Messenger accounts use the same email address.
  • in order to activate the Plugin and to be able to start a meeting, the user’s individual Zoom account must be associated with the Minerva Messenger Admin Zoom account by the Minerva Messenger Team 
  • the users will be added to the Minerva Messenger Admin Zoom account with the free Zoom Basic Plan. Please note: Plugin activation for Zoom Pro Plans (or higher) is not supported and might lead to downgrading to a Basic Plan.
  • by requesting the activation of the Zoom Plugin the user agrees that her email address and MPG organizational affiliation (user group, e.g. MPI), will be saved within the external service Zoom.
  • once the MM Team has added the user to the Minerva Messenger Admin Zoom account, the user will receive a request for confirmation from Zoom.
  • if the user’s email address is already associated with another Zoom account, the user will receive an email from Zoom with a warning and request for confirmation for switching to the Minerva Messenger Admin Zoom account 


Connect your Zoom account – Step by Step

  • the integration requires each user to authorize the Minerva Messenger OAuth Zoom App to access the user’s Zoom account individually.
  • the first time you start a Zoom meeting (after plugin activation or the recent upgrade to plugin version v1.5), you will therefore be required to authorize the OAuth App and then connect your individual Zoom account.
  • Click the Zoom video icon (top icon bar) and follow the instructions to authorize the OAuth Zoom App and connect your Zoom account:

To de-install the Minerva Messenger-Zoom OAuth application, sign in to,

> ‘Manage’

    >  ‘Installed Apps’

         > Select the ‘minervamessenger-zoom-oauth-app to ‘Deinstall’


Start a Zoom Meeting from within Minerva Messenger – Step by Step

  • Once the Zoom plugin is activated and the user’s account is connected, clicking the video icon (top icon bar) in a Minerva Messenger channel invites team members to join a Zoom call, hosted using the credentials of the user who initiated the call.
  • Users can also start a meeting in any chat window by using slash commands
 /zoom start

Find more slash commands for operating the Zoom Plugin (e.g. required for mobile Apps) here.


Good to know

  • Personal Meeting ID (PMI): in order to use the optional Zoom Plugin, the Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) must be enabled; when initiating a Zoom call via the Minerva Messenger Plugin your Zoom PMI will be visible to all recipients of your video call invitation.
  • Privacy Settings: the user is responsible for the personal privacy settings, e.g. Passcode, etc.
  • please note that the ‘Waiting Room’ feature has been enforced for the Minerva Messenger Zoom account and all linked accounts.
  • the user can choose to set a Zoom PMI passcode in the personal Zoom account settings.
  • Slash commands for operating the Zoom Plugin (e.g. required for mobile Apps). 


Trouble Shooting

  • Error message after starting a Zoom call via plugin: “You cannot authorize minervamessenger-zoom-oauth-app“: the user’s individual Zoom account must be associated with the Minerva Messenger Admin Zoom account in order to use the MM Zoom integration; please contact Minerva Messenger Support.  
  • The user receives the error message ‘Not authorized‘ when clicking ‘Click here to link your Zoom account‘:  Please try the following: Make sure you are using the latest version of the Mattermost Desktop App or use a browser. Log out of your Minerva Messenger (client & browser) and Zoom, quit all active Zoom and Mattermost applications. Click the Zoom plugin icon to start a video call and click to link your account; if problems persist, please contact Minerva Messenger Support.
  • in order to use the optional Zoom Plugin, the Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) must be enabled in your Zoom account settings (technical requirement of the Zoom Plugin); if the user has disabled his/her Zoom PMI in the account settings, the following error message will display: ‘Invalid meeting ID. (-1)
  • for any further questions please contact Minerva Messenger Support.



Find more information about the Plugin’s documentation and the Zoom Terms of Service/Privacy Policy:

Documentation Mattermost Plugin Zoom (Github)

Documentation Mattermost Plugin Zoom (Gitbook)

License – Plugin Zoom

Zoom Terms of Service

ZOOM Privacy & Legal


Please note: The Max Planck Digital Library and the Minerva Messenger Service only provide an interface for the use of the Third-Party Plugins. Legal provisions of third parties may apply in the context of the use of the Third Party-Plugins.