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How can I proceed with the migration from Slack to Minerva Messenger and keep the existing data?

We are here to support and work with you on the migration. Now, you only need to go through the following steps to prepare for the customized migration. We will take care of the rest.


1. Export your Slack data in zip format.

Please check out the usage plan of your Slack workspace first. They have different export options. If you expect to perform a relatively complete export, we suggest upgrading to Business+ Plan for one month. Here is how. 

    Free or Standard Plan
(Standard Export) 
Business+ Plan
(Corporate Export)
Public Channels Chat History
  Links to files
  Files themselves × ×
Public Shared Channels Chat History
  Links to files
(Only links shared by members of your workspace)

(Only links shared by members of your workspace)
  Files themselves × ×
Private Channels
& Direct Messages
Chat History ×
  Links to files ×
  Files themselves × ×
Private Shared Channels Chat History ×
  Links to files ×
(If they were shared by a member of your workspace. )
  Files themselves × ×

* The information in this form is based on Slack’s policy and might be changed by Slack. Read more here.


2. Prepare a mapping list (Excel spreadsheet) including the user information.


Username (Slack) Email (Slack) Username (MM) Email (MM)
missabc missabc
…… …… …… ……

– If the user account has not been created in MM yet, no worries, we can generate them during the import.

– If the user account already exists in MM, we will directly merge the data with the existing account.

Please note that the user with the MPG email address will be created as Member in MM, whereas the others will be created as Guest in the deactivated status, but we can activate them at any time as per your demand. 


3. Drop us an email.

Please tell us the target name for your team in Minerva Messenger. Then, we will send you a secure link for uploading all files.


All data will be deleted immediately after the migration, and only the sysadmin has access to your data. After importing all data onto the test server (qa-minervamessenger), we will invite you to a private channel in Minerva Messenger for the purpose of testing. If everything works well, then we move them to the live server.

If you have questions or need any assistance during the data preparation, please feel free to let us know! We are pleased to provide support and discuss your specific demands.

For more information about the migration, kindly take a look here.


So far, in the cases we have done,  all content from Slack export can be imported to Minerva Messenger without any loss. However, please notice that the operation of exporting data from Slack should follow the requirement of Slack. We do not assume any obligation or responsibility for their system.