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We are currently evaluating the plugin(s) below:



We have evaluated the following:

Mattermost Coffeebot is a bot that aims at pairing users in your Minerva Messenger team to meet up. The channel and frequency of these pairings can be configured. However, we would not recommend this plugin because:

  • In general, this plugin is relatively old, and there have been no updates since 2019 or bundles to install.
  • This plugin was developed based on the old API(v4), so it might not be compatible with the current Mattermost version.
  • Compared to Mattermost plugins, implementing the Coffee Bot requires setting it up as a separate service. In this way, an extra virtual machine and a docker container are necessary.

Anonymous and the Mattermost E2EE plugin by Quaekslab are end-to-end encryption plugins that enable user-side encryption for messages sent over private and public channels. Compared to Anonymous, the slash commands of the Mattermost E2EE plugin can be more easily operated. Hence, we released this plugin with the system upgrade in May 2022.

Mattermost Calling is developed by Mattermost, which enables users to start and join voice calls in a channel. We have set it up on production.

The Google Calendar plugin enables users to integrate their Google calendar with Minerva Messenger. However, this plugin uses Google APIs and thus requires a Google Cloud Account. For the reason of data privacy, we will not activate this plugin.

The Voice Message plugin on Minerva Messenger will allow you to record your voice and instantly make it available in any chat. This plugin is now available on the live server.

The Mattermost Channel Notes Plugin enables markdown notes for each channel. However, its latest stable version (v0.1.1) is not compatible with the current version of Minerva Messenger. Besides, the pre-released version of this plugin (v0.2.0) might have a security hole, and thus we cannot set it up at the moment.



Mattermost Coffeebot

Mattermost E2EE plugin

Anonymous Plugin

Google APIs

Voice Message Plugin

Mattermost Channel Notes Plugin