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Creating Your Bot Accounts

Benefits of Using Bot Accounts

Bot accounts are designed to deliver messages or publish information automatically in Minerva Messenger, which enables you to manage your daily work in an efficient and creative way. Once enabled, the bots behave like regular user accounts and can be added to any Teams, Channels, and Direct Messages. Furthermore, there is no need to manage extra logins. However, bot accounts cannot:

  • be logged into.
  • be used to create other bot accounts.

Highlighted Use Cases

The following use cases are collected from our advanced users, but the usage of bot accounts is not limited to these.

Case 1: Integrating Minerva Messenger into Your Workflow

The bot can forward specific Twitter posts to Minerva Messenger channels in order to keep scientists without Twitter accounts updated; every time a ClickUp task is created, the bot will automatically send you a message. These services can be connected with Minerva Messenger through “Make”.

Case 2: Sending Your Emails to Minerva Messenger

You can sync your emails in a target Channel of Minerva Messenger via the bot. In this case, “mail2most” might be an ideal service for you.

Case 3: Customizing a Bot

As a talented, advanced user, you are welcome to customize your own bot account. “mmpy_bot”  serves as a Python-based chat bot framework and may satisfy your demands.


Yes, I Need a Bot Account!

Bot accounts should be created by the system administrator of Minerva Messenger, and this service is currently only available for Members/MPG staff.

If you are interested in having bot accounts, please feel free to drop us an email that includes the following information:

  1. The username and display name of the bot.
  2. The plugin or integration service that you want to use. If available, you can provide us with the source code; otherwise, just send us the link to the homepage of the plugin or any further detailed information.
  3. Write a few sentences to clarify the purpose of the use or the concrete use case.
  4. Icon for your bot (optional)
  5. Description — keywords or a short sentence to let others know what this bot does (optional).


We will evaluate the use case carefully as per the data privacy. If everything looks fine, we will then create the bot account and activate the token for you!




Mattermost Bot Accounts